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Business Owners:

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  Managed Services Program!

Take the worry out of your computer systems! Let our team of computer professionals manage your systems so you (and your staff) don't have to. It's even better than your own technology staff because you don't need new desks, chairs or business cards. All the cost-effective benefits and none of the hassles.


  Complete Security with Computer Control!

Have you ever wanted to secure your home or business? Would you like to know what your pets are doing when you're away on a trip? Would you like to know who is at the front door before you answer it?


  •  Video surveillance
  •  Single or multiple camera systems
  •  Home security
  •  Both wireless and wired systems
  •  Digital entertainment
  •  Computer software
  •  Remote, computer and Internet control
  •  Send video to any TV in the house!
  •  Motion detection/motion activation
  •  Lighting and appliance control
  •  Pan/Tilt/Zoom and low-light features
  •  Complete systems - installation included!

We provide a wide variety of computer-controlled security and surveillance options starting as low as $65!

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  Audio/Video Systems!

We have a very large selection of audio/video options for home and business. From simple monitor systems all the way up to 90" LCD screens, remote control video options, computer-controlled entertainment systems, digital media players, editing equipment and much, much more! Installed electronics are a great way to hedge against current home valuation drops! Want to know more? Just ask!


Our Mission:

  • To aggressively and consistently provide the highest quality products and services to our clients to help them meet their own business goals - at the right price, at the right time.
  • Using a unique combination of technical knowledge, budgeting, planning, implementation and follow-up skills, and an understanding of successful strategies from many diverse businesses, enhance our client's strengths and minimize or eliminate their weaknesses.
  • To remain competent on legacy, current, and emerging technologies that represent opportunities or needs for our clients.
  • To strive constantly to understand what is important to our clients, not what we feel is important to them.

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Company Profile:

Most small and medium sized businesses cannot afford to staff an in-house "Management Information Services" department to service their on-going automation needs. Full Spectrum Technologies fills this gap by providing these services and the products to make them happen. 

We are a team of business and technical professionals that understand the unique character of your business. With over 20 years of experience in hundreds of difference businesses, in numerous different industries, we combine the best products and solutions into a total package to meet your needs.

Through technology, but with a business vocabulary, we can help you achieve your goals including:

  • Reaching new markets
  • Improving connection with your current markets
  • Controlling costs
  • Streamlining both efficiency and effectiveness
  • Provide for better employee work environments
  • Better organize accounting, inventory control and marketing
  • Connect staff in the same room, the same building, the same city, state, country or anywhere!

Contact Information:


Postal address:
    3115 Foothill Blvd. Suite M120, La Crescenta, CA  91214

Electronic mail:
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