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About us

Full Spectrum Technologies, ("FST") is one of the oldest computer firms in the country. We've been in business in since 1979 providing the "full spectrum" of advanced technology service, support and products.

Founded at a time when computers were in their infancy, you can imagine how things have changed and FST has evolved right along with them! Today, we represent over 7,000 technology vendors in a wide range of arenas beyond just computers. Audio/visual equipment, mobile-based products, security systems, custom software and product integration to name just a few.

We are business people first however. We speak - and understand -  the language of business and recognize that technology isn't the goal - it's a tool that can help your business compete - and dominate - your market.

Making FST a part of your technology team is a wise choice.

Would you like to learn more? Feel free to contact us.

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