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Surveillance, Security and Entertainment

Security for home and office is no longer a luxury! With affordable solutions from FST, you can have the features and peace of mind that only the "big boys" used to enjoy - at a fraction of the cost! Just imagine some of the applications:

  •  See who is at the door before you answer it.
  •  Track where your kids take your car - how fast they drive and how far!
  •  Check up on your dogs (or kids) when you're away from home.
  •  Record everyone that enters your place of business.
  •  Wirelessly connection your computer to every TV in the house.
  •  See (and hear!) everyone that uses your conference room.
  •  See who is in the parking lot before you lock up.
  •  Automatically turn on and off lights when you enter or leave a room.
  •  Program your drapes to open instead of using that annoying alarm clock.
  •  Record employees as they enter, use and leave sensitive rooms of your business.
  •  Track activity on any computer - including every keystroke.
  •  Have your computer control your entire house - from lights to appliances to security!
  •  Make telephone calls - including video conferencing calls - for free!
  •  Require a passcode - or even a thumbprint in order to enter a building or room.

...and so much more.

Today's security options have never been broader, or less expensive. There was a time when you had to run lots of cable throughout your home or place of business in order to use these sophisticated systems. No more! Almost any building can use our wireless technologies!

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