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Managed Services Program ("MSP")


24/7 monitoring for your entire company!

The greatest threat facing businesses today is compromise of your heavily-used computer systems and networks either from inside or outside. Businesses spend untold billions of dollars every year in protecting these critical resources, but often aren’t able to maintain them well enough to insure they get the expected life – and value – from this equipment.

As any business person will tell you, fixing the problems after they occur is not only costly, but directly impacts their business operations. You have to consider the costs not only of the repairs or replacement of equipment, but also the costs of loss of business, employee productivity and the overall impact on internal systems. A simple $100 repair can easily run up into the thousands!

We now offer a new comprehensive network management program to secure and protect your valuable investment.


Program Overview


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  We take the worry out of your systems by monitoring every aspect of their operations. We are professionals in the computer industry and are fully aware of the impact of every change, update, virus and every error message!    

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Program Features

  • Security Survey
  • Identity and Data Theft Protection
  • Patch Management
  • Remote Desktop Control
  • Antivirus and Antispyware Monitoring
  • Data Backup Tracking
  • Security Tracking and Enforcement
  • Asset Tracking
  • Warrantee and License Tracking
  • Event Monitoring
  • Free Telephone Support
  • Realtime Alerts
  • Monthly Activity Reports
  • Client Online Review
  • Discounts on Hardware and Software

24/7 Monitoring of:

  • Servers
  • Workstations
  • Networking Hardware and Software
  • Printers
  • Scanners
  • Antivirus and Antispyware Software and Attacks
  • Application Software
  • Disk Utilization
  • Network Utilization
  • Activity and Access Logs
  • Security

Guaranteed Response and Resolution


We react before problems become large, costly ones. You gain real peace of mind knowing that your systems are protected by industry professionals.



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