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Local Firm Offers "Current Pricing" Program

Clients are Guaranteed Best Prices on the Day of Order.

June 3, 1999 -- Glendale, California

The greatest fear among computer users today is paying too much for technology.

A local firm, Full Spectrum Technologies, LLC, is promising its existing and future clients "current pricing" protection where price quotes are made the day of the request based on its own hardware and software pricing that day.

"We have an advantage over other firms because of our long-term relationships with many vendors. They are willing to ship to us within a day of order, or even allow for pick-up the same day if necessary. This way, we can assure that our clients are getting the best prices - after all, when was the last time you saw automation product prices going UP?" said Dennis W. Neder, President and Chief Operating Officer of the automation company.

"Many times, we have postponed a quote to a client or recommended that they put off their purchase knowing that a price drop was coming soon", Neder was quoted as saying.

This all equates to offering the best prices for the best products, a promise that all of us consumers can live with.

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