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Firm Commits to Y2K Correction for Clients

Clients of Local Firm Have Y2K Fears Relieved.

June 28, 1999 -- Glendale, California

Clients of the local firm, Full Spectrum Technologies, LLC could breath just a little easier in the suffocating summer heat as plans were announced to review purchase records for the last 2 years for Y2K compliance.

"This free service offers additional value-added benefits to our clients - one of the reasons they choose to do business with us. By taking a pro-active approach to the Y2K concerns of our clients, we are continuing on the path of bringing real value to the products and services we sell", said Dennis W. Neder, President and Chief Operating Officer of the company.

FST's clients will have their purchase records reviewed and recommendations made without any effort on their parts. Some may choose to ignore the recommendations, or even seek help elsewhere, while others may have corrections made (if any) by FST. A majority of the firm's clients are expected to receive clean "bills of Y2K health" according to Neder due to the aggressive actions of the firm over that past 3 years to gear up for the new millennium.

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