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Computer Myths!

Are you sure you're getting the right products at the right prices? Check here:

Myth: By sticking with name brands, I am getting the best products at the best prices.

Fact: Name brands represent a wide range of quality. There may even be different quality components in the same line! Further, manufactures often rely on "period pricing", that is, they price their products based on the period the lots were purchased, not on current pricing. Thus, you may pay old prices for new products. How often do technology product prices go UP  instead of DOWN?

Myth: All components are compatible with each other - isn't that why we have standards?

Fact: There are an enormous number of factors to consider when selecting products. A simple memory upgrade can be a nightmare. How much memory do you need? What speed? What "form factor"? Will it fit in your system? Do you need matched pieces or will a single piece do? Do you have enough "slots"? Every component has these questions. Further, many items may fit your computer, but will not be compatible with other components.

Myth: Big chain retailers offer the best prices and service.

Fact: Big chain retailers have big overhead. Keep in mind that you are paying for advertising, employees, rent, returns, inventory costs, security, and a host of other things when you buy from them. When it comes to service, do you know what qualifications your retailer's service staff have? Do they have enough staff to support their large client base? Will they respond as they have promised? All too often the answer is NO.

Myth: By going with big firms, they are more likely to be there tomorrow.

Fact: IBM alone has left and re-entered the PC marketplace no less than four times! Each time with different product lines. Further, most big firms are relative new-comers to the industry, with less than 5 years of experience.

Myth: My retailer always offers the latest technologies.

Fact: Retailers offer what sells. They often won't invest in newer technologies without a guarantee of return. While you are getting the latest products they carry, you often aren't getting the latest technologies available!

Myth: My retailer can recommend the right products for my business.

Fact: Most retailers don't know much about your business. They know about selling computers! Do they understand your unique needs? Do they know what is important to your business? Can they recommend the right products, not just the latest or biggest?


We are professionals in the automation industry with over 25 years of experience. We are business people that know what business needs, and understand your unique requirements. By combining our experience with hundreds of different businesses, in many different industries, we can recommend the right products. We don't use a "cookie-cutter" approach to your needs - we custom-tailor solutions.

We are business people that use technology to solve business problems. How many computer vendors can say that?

Full Spectrum Technologies is the right choice for your automation product needs!

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